Sunday, May 24, 2009


Paging for Lucky Prince~ where have you been, Lucky Prince?? Not gonna post here anymore? thought you're having sem break now?? should have plenty of time to blog right? haha.. just my assumptions.. but anyways, we miss you. Miss your posts... come back and update us!! don't just leave without saying goodbye.
Looking forward to see your 1st post ever, after so long! god bless~

-little princess-

Friday, May 22, 2009

Princess's new look

Ola~ Princess has shorten her hair..... no longer having long long hair...get so irritating sometimes.. haha.. but don't worry, not a drastic change...juz lil' bit of difference... still the same old princess, but this time, will blog with new style....just to match with my new look... yea, new style babeh~ hahaha... ^^

Darl & Princess

both the Princess at home ^^
-little princess-

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Dedication

My love,
There´s only you in my life
The only thing that´s bright
My first love,
You´re every breath that I take
You´re every step I make
And I want to share
All my love with you
No one else will do...
And your eyes
They tell me how much you care
Ooh yes, you will always be
My endless love
Two hearts,
Two hearts that beat as one
Our lives have just begun
Forever I´ll hold you close in my arms
I can´t resist your charms
And love
Oh, love
I´ll be a fool For you,
I´m sure
You know I don´t mind
Cause you,
You mean the world to me
Oh I know I´ve found in you
My endless love
Oh, love I´ll be that fool For you,
I´m sure
You know I don´t mind
And, YES
You´ll be the only one´Cause
NO one can deny
This love I have inside
And I´ll give it all to you
My love
My endless love
-Endless Love-
I've witnessed the sweetest moment of all. Words can't describe it all, that's why this song it's specially dedicated from the Princess to the happy couple, Edward GohGoh & Elynn JieJie. Wish there'll be an "endless love within and finally...... Elynn JieJie has got her very own fairy-tale perfectly came true!! Happily Ever After~
*pics are up! check it, check it~ hehe...

Perfect Couple~
On Friday night.......
Princess is on her way~
Nice shot~
Lousiest DJs ever!! haha..

Tall tall guys~ ^^
Ling JieJie & her friends~
Ah Xian & Ah San~
On The actual wedding night..........

The Bride & The Bridegroom~

Darl in the car~
Yeah~ hehe..
Kimmy & Casey~
Darl & I~
the four of us~
Jun Hao~ nice guy...
Darl with 2 posing kiddies + 1 shy boy boy~ ^^

see, pose again~
Princess, Darl, Xian & San~ hahaha..

the night ends with this pic~

-little princess-

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Gosh~ mid term test starts tomorrow.. yet, the Princess isn't feeling that well.... suffering here!! no mood to study at all... ='( wonder how can i possibly score in my 1st paper tomorrow...huhuhu~
Well i guess there's no other choices but to pray really hard here before the sun rises, and also gotta keep taking medicines... eewww~ i hate medicines!! trust me, there's plenty of medicines that i HAVE TO consume... pic will be attached, then you'll know how come i hate it sooooo much!!! i want candy!!! but who to blame? who ask me not to take good care of myself and fall sick right? serve me right! hehe.. =P so from now on, i'll be good, will drink lots and lots of water... Princess promised!
Anyways, you guys out there do take care of yourselves... don't wait till feeling unwell that time only regret ok? drink plenty of water to keep your body stays cool alright? stay healthy, and God bless all. Hugs and kisses from the sick Princess. haha~

see, this is crazy!!!
-little princess-

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Princess is back!

Hell ya! I’m back!! Woo~ it’s been a while since my last post here. Miss me, anyone? Hahaha.. Anyways, gotta apologize to all about me not writing lately. It’s all because of my laziness! Hahaha... nah, not lazy.. Princess won’t be lazy. Just that classes are all in scheduled, that’s why free time is getting lesser... plus, some matters bothered...need time to digest everything.. So yea, took a break, and here I am...back on track! So, did I miss out anything huh, Lucky Prince? Haha..

Gosh, I’ve so much to tell... where do I start from? Hmmm...let me see.. Well, I guess I should start from my 1st & 2nd week of going back to was totally students are in, 1 of the hot lects is teaching us..hahaha.... new study schedules, modules are getting tougher and tighter!! Wonder how and when is this gonna end for me??? ^^ But 1 thing for sure that I’m happy with...which is the juniors...we seniors can click kinda well with them though.. and this is what I enjoy the most being in class so far... hehehehe..
*interested in some pics? Haha.. there... check it out~
It's Melissa
JenniFUR~ haha...
Three of us~
Bryan's trying to act cool~
Everyone's looking so serious~ ^^

Alright, what’s next? Oh yah!! Princess just got back from Genting this afternoon.. haha.. A very very short short trip to Genting Highlands. Went up there just to watch George Lam’s concert!!!! Wahahaha.. stop laughing, not me... is my daddie n mommie... big fan of Lam Zhi Cheong! Haha... (shhh...softer, not too loud...) hahaha... sorry, i just can’t control my laughter! It’s crazy... all because of George Lam!!! Hahaha... But anyways, both of us (my sis & i) did catch some good times too!! And guess what? This is way out of my mind...without any plans, without contacting each other for quite some time, coincidently i met my long long long.......old buddy!! There, in the cinema... haha.. just right infront of my row!! Gosh! How cool is that? It’s insane!! Yea, I know... this gave both of us a shocked! How can it be so crazy?? Genting!! Wow!! Hard to believe...hahaha...
And so after the show, we sat down and chit-chat for hours...til all of us are fed up with talking + shivering under the cold cold air...we decided to warm ourselves up a lil’ taking pics!! Hahaha....took lotsa crazy and silly pics, make us laugh like mad people at the hotel lobby...hahaha... all eyes are on us!! Man!! Way too crazy~
Wow, right after taking the last few shots of photo...we’re all tired and that’s where our crazy-chill out night ends...back to our room and snore all the way til this sunny morning.. hehe..
*crazy pics will be uploaded soon...
Princess' s here~
Super duper cold~

bestest buddy of all~

not enough sleep, panda eyes~ haha..
results of not sleeping at night...cuckoo~
Hahahaha..hope you guys enjoy reading my 1st “after so long” post.. Again, some pics to share with all... half way back to the city...went visit the orchid farm... it was lovely~
Casey...on the way to orchid farm~
Going down hill
the orchids

-little princess-

Saturday, April 18, 2009

To be Continue....

hi everyone, Princess n Lucky Prince will temporary stop posting new post in this blog. but no worry, v will continue our blog once all the problems(exam, exam, and exam) are settled. haha....hope u guys will continue 2 support our blog. thank you...

^Lucky Prince^

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009. Tuesday

“老大说这是美国话,hali hali hah... 老二说这是日本话,wuli wuli wah.. 老三说这是什么话,Uuuuu, wahah... 三只老虎在吵架 hali hali hah... 赶快回去通知妈 hali hali hah...妈妈来到看谁要挨打..该打!!”
nice song rite??'s one of the kindergarden songs that sang by Little Princess n Lucky Prince on last midnite, which is i like the most!! haha...heard this song b4?? wan 2 learn n sing 2gether with us?? wahaha.....
this is my most happy moment on 2day. it's reali too crazy man!!! but i like v played until around 3am then v went 2 bed. if i no need 2 wake up early on 2day morning, im sure v will play until more crazy..haha..but unfortunately, happy moments r always too short.
i woke up at 9.15am. last nite, someone said that she will trying 2 wake me up but she din make it!! coz she is super duper PPG. it's ok, i 4give u...try again next time..hehe....Reached campus around 10am 2 attend the last lecture in this semester. wat it mean is the exam is around the corner!!! but i haven't start 2 do revision yet!! GOD BLESS ME PLS....NO "F" in my result!!! then i will kill a super big chicken 2 thank YOU. wahaha...
After the lecture, went 2 eat KFC with friends. OMG!!! last nite i ate 2 sets of Mc.d n 2day i ate KFC again. im will haf cancer very soon!!! pls save money 2 pay 4 my "bak gam". haha...jus kidding..
came back home, called my friend. heard that someone bully her again..haiz....wat a pity gal....hopes she will b ok soon n all her problems can b solved. Lucky Prince will give u 120% support!! gambateh!!!!

^Lucky Prince^